Brandy Kruse, MA, LCPC

child counselor in Quincy IL

Child Counselor Brandy Kruse, MA, LCPC, specializes in play therapy as well as individual counseling for anxiety, trauma, and grief. She enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults, and families to overcome obstacles, strengthen self-confidence, and repair relationships.

Has any loss or traumatic experience changed the way you see things? Do you struggle with accepting what has occurred or question if joy will return to your life? Maybe you feel as if you are at a crossroads and are uncertain about which path to take? Brandy can assist you in navigating this unfamiliar terrain.

Have you noticed changes in your child that have you concerned? Maybe you’ve observed your child worrying more, withdrawing from others, or lashing out? Have you noticed your child struggling with peer relationships, performance at school, or self-esteem issues? Brandy assists parents in building resilient kids and restoring connectedness within the family unit.

With an approach that is supportive, collaborative, & interactive, Brandy helps clients identify and address barriers to the change process, establish personalized treatment goals, and then empowers clients to not only meet goals but exceed expectations. Throughout treatment, she aims to create and maintain a safe, relaxed, and playful environment.

Since 2010, Brandy has worked in a variety of settings providing therapeutic services for individuals and families struggling with behavioral and emotional difficulties, family conflict, problematic interpersonal relationships, stress management, as well as grief and loss. She has received specialized training on: grief, trauma, play therapy, & trauma-focused CBT. You can expect understanding, connection, and empowerment, combined with education and skill-enhancement should you decide to work with her.

Interesting Fact 1: Her favorite things include: Colorado, football, puzzles, travel, & winter.

Interesting Fact 2: One thing she has never done but plans to (hopefully in the near future) is sky-diving.


If you would like more information about child counselor Brandy Kruse, MA, LCPC, for yourself, or your family, call to schedule an appointment at 217-231-1413.

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