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 Counseling in Quincy, IL for children, preteens, adolescents and couples.

Our counselors help build resilient kids, strong marriages, and connected families.

We are available for regular appointments with flexible schedules.

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Resilient Kids

Is your child, preteen, or adolescent struggling in school, at home, or socially?

Do they seem sad, withdrawn, anxious, angry, or distracted?

Have you thought “it’s my fault”, “I messed up” or “I am a bad parent”?

You are not the problem, you are the solution.


We help parents build resilient kids

Together we restore a sense of joy, confidence, connection, and fun.

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Strong Marriages

Are you struggling to connect with your spouse?

Does your marriage feel more like a battlefield than a safe haven?

Do you feel stuck in a negative dance.

We can help you build a strong marriage

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Connected Families

Sometimes families get disconnected.

Do you experience conflict, hurt, or sadness?

Have you wondered how to get your family back?

Healing comes through connection.

We help build connected families

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