Evan Horner Dmin, LMFT

marriage therapist

Hello, my name is Evan Horner. I am a licensed marriage therapist in Illinois. I find it very rewarding to assist couples in their marriages. Many couples tell me that they struggle with communication and conflict resolution. Other couples tend to lose sight of each other and their needs and they drift apart. Some couples experience the pain and hurt of an extra-marital affair. These are only some of the many problems that married couples experience. I am available to those who are seeking help to resolve their problems, to reconcile their relationship, and to thrive.

            I began counseling as a pastoral counselor in Dodge City, Kansas in 1985. I served on the staff of First Christian Church. I first became licensed as a marriage and family therapist in Kansas in 1998. In 2000, my family and I moved to Quincy and I joined the staff at Madison Park Christian Church and served there until the end of 2018. In those years since 1985, I have gained vast experience in working with individuals, couples, and families. My experience also includes doing pre-marital counseling and working with step families. I have worked with those people who are recovering from the pain of divorce as well.

            I am an ordained minister and, as such, I have had the opportunity to assist people in their spiritual journey. I believe that our spiritual convictions and beliefs play an essential role in how we identify ourselves and how we operate in all of our relationships.

            I began my college career at a small Christian college in Seattle, Washington. I graduated from there in 1973. I then graduated from Lincoln Christian University, in Lincoln, Illinois in 1984 with a Master of Divinity degree in pastoral care and counseling. Finally, I received a Doctorate of Ministry degree in marriage and family counseling from Denver Seminary, Littleton, Colorado in 2002.

            I am married to Lindi and we have enjoyed 43 years of marriage. We have two adult children. I enjoy the outdoors, especially when I am riding my Goldwing motorcycle. I also enjoy photography.

As a marriage therapist the approach to counseling that has been most informative to me is family systems theory. This approach explores, among other things, personal responsibility while being in relationship with others. I have also had training in solution-focused theory, which strives to focus on personal strengths and abilities. I welcome everyone who thinks I can be of help and look forward to meeting you.

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