Counseling Adolescents


Are you worried about your adolescent son? Is he angry all the time? Has it become more difficult to enjoy time together? Does he seem depressed or stressed out? Maybe he is struggling in school, relationships, and lacks motivation. We can help you and your son restore the relationship you once had. Through an active and engaging approach it is possible to connect with adolescents in a nonthreatening way. We provide a laid back, calming presence that builds trust, safety, and personal connection.


Is your daughter struggling with friendships, anxiety, depression or self-esteem?  Are you having a difficult time understanding the difficulties?  It is possible to restore the sense of trust and connection that is needed to navigate these issues.  You and your daughter will feel safe, accepted, and connected.

We’ve spent the last 15 years counseling adolescents with the hope of rebuilding connections between parents and their adolescent children.  This experience includes work in residential, outpatient, and school based settings providing individual and family therapy for families struggling to connect. We are trained in evidence based treatments used when counseling adolescents that have experienced attachment difficulties, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

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