Couples Counseling

Are you struggling to connect with your spouse? Does your marriage feel like a battle field rather than a safe haven?  Maybe it seems like you fight about the same things over and over again? Sometimes couples get stuck in a series of negative interactions and they cannot escape.  Couples counseling can help restore safety and connection between you and your partner.  When feeling safely connected to your spouse you are able to create new more positive cycles of interactions.  These new “dance steps” lead toward deeper connection and greater emotional intimacy.

Couples Counseling

Our approach to marriage counseling uses a strong focus on emotion and how it drives interactions.  Some approaches to couples counseling focus on learning new skills, communication patterns, and avoiding emotions.  We use an approach developed by Susan Johnson that harnesses the power of emotion and uses it so that you can experience your partner and relationship in a brand new way.

New Dance Steps

After identifying your negative interaction cycle or “dance” couples counseling enables you to experience your partner in a new safely connected context.  This experience of your partner as safe and reliable enables you (and them) to “dance” more gracefully.  Your therapist will assist you in creating new dance steps that lead to connection in the midst of conflict rather than hurt.

Getting Started

You can begin the process of couples counseling very quickly.  We can usually schedule new appointments within the week of your initial call.  If you would like to begin the journey to “happily ever after” please call 217-231-1413 for a free consultation.

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