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Connections Family Counseling, LLC is now offering online counseling in Quincy Illinois and the surrounding areas.  The world has changed and is changing in ways that we could never have imagined a few short weeks ago.  We are changing with it by continuing to offer high quality mental health services to meet the needs of our current and new clients.  As an essential service our office remains open to serve those interested in accessing counseling services in person.  We are also offering private and secure tele-mental health services for those who prefer to access counseling from the comfort of their own home.   If you are considering the use of tele-mental health services read below to learn more about what it is and what you can expect.

Online Counseling – What is it?

Online counseling is a service provided by licensed mental health professionals (LCPC, LMFT, LCSW) using a secure and interactive voice and/or audio format.  The exact same service that one would receive in person can be provided via an audio/video interface.  Our counselors utilized evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy to help our clients manage depression, anxiety, ADHD, adjustment disorders, and relational difficulties.

Online Counseling – Why?

There are different reasons a person would choose to utilize tele-mental health as compared to in person counseling.  Convenience is one common factor.  When living in a rural area like Quincy, Illinois some people drive an hour or more to access mental health services.  Online counseling makes these services more convenient by allowing people to access services in the comfort of their own home.  In the present climate online counseling can also increase safety.  Many of us are ordered to “stay-at-home” to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Utilizing online counseling allows you to continue working with your counselor while protecting your family and friends.

Online Counseling – How?

How does online counseling work? How is my privacy protected? How do I get connected with my counselor?  Online counseling allows you to hear and see your counselor through the internet.  Connections Family Counseling, LLC uses a HIPPA compliant and secure telehealth platform that is integrated with our electronic health record (EHR).  We also protect your privacy by conducting all tele-mental health sessions in a private setting.  You connect with your counselor by creating a secure client portal using our EHR, you navigate to your appointments, click on start session and the session automatically starts.  

Online Counseling – What to expect?

New experiences can sometimes create a sense of anxiety.  So, it is normal to be nervous and uncertain about trying counseling in a new way.  Knowing what to expect can help to reduce some of that anxiety.  If you make an appointment for an online counseling session we will send you an email invitation to create a “client portal” using our EHR.  After logging into your client portal you will navigate to “my appointments”, you will click on a button titled “start session”.  You will see a video window open on your computer and begin the session with your counselor.  From this point your session will feel very much like the in-person experience. 

Online Counseling- Lets get started 

If you are interested in beginning your journey to connection and healing through the use of tele-mental health services we can help you this week.  Please call our office at 217-231-1413, we will gather all the necessary information, confirm insurance benefits, and set your first appointment.  This is a very stressful time in our world and we are here to walk with you through the experience.  

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