Play Therapy Explained

Finding your voice in a world of 7.7 billion inhabitants can be quite burdensome. This is especially true for our youngest members of society, who have not mastered the art of verbal or written expression. Try as much as they can, children frequently cannot articulate the feelings, thoughts, or ideas that reflect their worldview. As … Continue reading Play Therapy Explained

How to create a great marriage

How do you create a great marriage? At the end of couples counseling sessions I often ask, "what is one thing you could do to serve your spouse this week?"  If a great marriage is something that is created, I believe serving your spouse is the first act of creation. What are some ways we … Continue reading How to create a great marriage

How To Raise Self-Reliant Kids

My wife and I were rushing the kids out the door for school this morning and one of my worst parenting fears was “triggered”. While all his siblings were climbing into the car, one of my sons came stumbling out of the laundry room. His backpack was haphazardly draped over his shoulder, crumbs were strewn … Continue reading How To Raise Self-Reliant Kids

5 Ways to Listen So Your Son Feels Heard

Express Empathy Listen to your sons statements Go within & Check, “How would I be feeling if were him?” Express your understanding through an empathy statement of “You feel______________because _________________ It sounds like you feel… I sense you feel… As I listen to you, I am aware of how ___________you must be feeling. In other … Continue reading 5 Ways to Listen So Your Son Feels Heard